What is HoAS all about?

The Balkan societies share both common heritage and similar challenges. Nonetheless, young people are facing numerous obstacles often created as a consequence of external barriers and inner barriers caused by lack of trust, lack of information, and existing prejudices. Time has shown that only through joint action in promoting tolerance and by advocating solidarity, mobility and cooperation we, as a region, can progress.

The Humans of Albania and Serbia website puts the concepts of dialogue, connectivity and cooperation at the forefront. It is inspired by various youth cooperation projects implemented across Europe that aim at bringing youth together to work for a mutual cause.

Through this website HoAS aims to:

– promote cooperation between countries of Albania and Serbia;

– deliver information on various opportunities for young people;

– encourage youth to stand up for their rights, creating collaborative networks and promoting dialogue;

– promote prevention of any violence, hostility and discrimination. This does not mean censorship from more sensitive topics (such as politics), but on the contrary, these topics must be addressed in a respectful and constructive manner;

– Β support peers to express themselves, be well-informed and seek for their rights on all levels;

– advocate for regional youth co-operation and active participation;

– enable networking of parties interested to advance youth co-operation.