Imaginary Distance

WHO: The Association for Development of Children and Youth – OPEN CLUB from Nis, Serbia in co-operation with partner organization Together in Community Social Development (TIC) from Durres, Albania.

WHY: The issue of social distance – the level of understanding and psychological closeness, or distance, as well as the willingness to establish relationships between Albanian and Serbian youth in both countries – and inherited animosity, determined by prejudices, stereotypes, and a lack of information and direct contact, is a long lasting problem in the relationship between people of Albania and Serbia. Measuring the social distance between Albanian and Serbian youth, will provide us with relevant, empirical data, which can be used for in depth analysis of this issue in the future and appropriate activities.

WHAT: Through this project, Open Club will strive to provide empirical data concerning the social distance issue between Albanian and Serbian youth, share the relevant information and raise the awareness of the general public in both countries about the topic and also enhance the connectivity of youth actors and youth CSOs representatives from both countries, enabling them to meet, exchange good practices, share ideas and discuss potential co-operation in the future.

WHERE: Nis, Serbia; online.

If you have between 15 and 29 years, you can also take part in the online survey on the topic. Follow Humans of Albania and Serbia Facebook page for updates. Final report on main findings will be published on this web site.

In October, we also plan to organize a regional meeting in Nis, for youth actors and youth CSO representatives from Albania and Serbia to discuss the social distance issue and share good practice examples and ideas for further co-operation. Stay tuned for an open call for participation!

How we met? From Distance to Connectivity among youth from Serbia and Albania

On October 29th, at 9 am, we have started our journey to the Regional Youth Forum ”From Distance to Connectivity among youth from Serbia and Albania”, which was held in Niš, Serbia. This journey was such an exciting experience from the beginning, since our Albanian group didn’t meet with each other before and had met...

Imaginary Distance project presented to the OSCE participating States in Vienna

On 2nd of March, Humans of Albania and Serbia contributor, Mladen Milutinovic, took part in the first meeting of the OSCE Group of Friends of Youth and Security in 2018 in Vienna. He presented Imaginary Distance project, namely main findings of the research on the social distance between youth from Albania and Serbia. OSCE Group...

Social distance among youth from Albania and Serbia: Research results

As the general idea of the Humans of Albania and Serbia platform is to enhance connectivity among Serbian and Albanian youth actors through traditional but also digital connectivity, cooperation and dialogue, this research intended to determine the current state of closeness and distance, between youth from Serbia and Albania using a specific online research method. ...

Connectivity of youth is the only way to make social distance disappear

More than 20 representatives of organizations working with and for youth from Albania and Serbia took part at the Regional Youth Forum “From distance to connectivity among youth from Serbia and Albania”, in Niš, Serbia, on October 30th 2017. Regional Youth Forum was focused at the social distance issue between Albanian and Serbian youth and...

CALL FOR ORGANISATIONS // REGIONAL YOUTH FORUM: From Distance to Connectivity among youth from Serbia and Albania

We invite representatives of youth organizations, youth associations and initiatives, organizations working with and for youth from Republic of Serbia and Republic of Albania to apply for participation at the Regional Youth Forum: “From Distance to Connectivity among youth from Serbia and Albania”, which will take place in Niš, Serbia (small hall of the Officers House),...

Social distance toward Albanians: can youth break the vicious circle?

Every now and then I stumble upon the terms such as social or ethnic distance in our media. When I come across articles which include these words, the context is usually something like "in Serbia there is an increase in ethnic distance towards members of certain national groups...". Somehow, let’s say „traditionally“, Albanians are routinely...

Youth from Albania and Serbia: how close or distant are we?

Project “Imaginary distance” has officially started by launching of the Social distance survey in Albania and Serbia in mid-July 2017. In this project phase, our aim is to measure the level of Social distance between young Albanians and Serbians living in both countries. For measuring of the Social distance, we are conducting two parallel online...

April 24, 2017