My Village, Our Network

WHO: The Center for Democratic Development – Europolis from Novi Sad, Serbia in co-operation with Albanian Alps Alliance, from Shkoder, Albania.

WHY: Low participation of citizens in decision making process, especially of young people, the lack of capacities among local organizations in rural areas, social exclusion and poverty are directly contributing to migration of young people from rural areas in both countries. To address these challenges it is necessary to create a mechanism that will enhance the visibility of good examples, ideas exchange, connectivity and active participation of youth in these areas.

WHAT: This project strives to mainstream the use of social media as a powerful tool for raising awareness about the issues of youth in rural areas and to promote the potential of the two regions – in North Albania and Northern Serbian province of Vojvodina. The project will enable rural youth from both countries to exchange their ideas and knowledge and to jointly work on promotion of their villages and will strengthen their capacities to address negative practices and various youth-related issues in their communities. Simultaneous training for rural youth from Serbia and Albania will be organized on the topic of digital literacy in function of community activism.

WHERE: Novi Sad, Serbia and Shkoder, Albania; online.

If you are a high school or college student with sufficient command of English, socially active and you are coming from Vojvodina or Northern Albania, stay tuned for our call for three-days training!

How we decided to develop new young community leaders in rural areas

After the first meeting of a group of over 20 people from Serbia and Albania, where we learned a lot of new things, shared experiences and got to know, later, very good friends from a neighboring country, it was time to do something together in our own projects. We've created a crew with people from...

Open call for participants – “My village, our network”

Do you have plans to be a "leader" in your village / town / community? Do you want to learn about activism, entrepreneurship, digital skills and media? Do you think that your "voice" is important in your community and you want to be heard? Interested? Then apply to "My village, our network" What is and...

April 24, 2017