WBYL: Regional youth meeting of representatives of national youth councils in Skopje

WBYL: Regional youth meeting of representatives of national youth councils in Skopje

On February 17 2022 in Skopje, a regional meeting of representatives of national youth councils and umbrella youth organizations was held within the project of the Western Balkans Youth Lab, implemented by the Regional Cooperation Council – RCC).

RCC has organized this regional youth meeting to gather young co-chairs of both Youth Policy Labs on Unemployment and Mental Health.

Meeting was focused on Methodology of the Youth Lab, ie the identification of best methodological practices within the project, as well as the challenges encountered during the Youth Lab process were discussed at the meeting. It was also discussed and followed up on ongoing Youth Labs on unemployment and mental health, with a focus on the methodology and timeline, as well as mapping possible follow up of two ongoing Youth Labs and their future perspectives.

Youth Policy Lab involves, at the level of each economy, creation of the Working Groups at economy level, implementation of the process step by step, and monitoring and ensuring the impact. WBYL (Western Balkans Youth Lab) is a youth participation instrument, which additionally represents a mechanism for direct dialogue between young people and policymakers.

KOMS representatives as members of the working group will work on proposals for improving the topic of mental health of young people and will attend working meetings and provide support in this important process in the following months.

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