Katarina Sabados


Keywords: human rights, art, activism

Katarina is a recent university graduate, currently working in Belgrade.

During her academic career, Katarina focused on human rights in the Latin American context, exploring themes of religion, race, and culture.

Some of her academic works include, Sex and Gender in the Cuban Revolution (2014), Female normativity in Cuban Santeria (2016), and El Festival del Caribe: Pan-Caribbean identity and the Preservation of Afro-Caribbean heritage through collective memory in Santiago de Cuba (2016).

She is also a visual artist, and writer focusing on themes of diaspora, exile, and spiritual practices of the Balkans. Drawing on her own experiences and those of her family, she explores these themes through written, visual, and digital media.  

National Youth Council of Serbia KOMS


Keywords: advocacy, youth policy, region

The National Youth Council of Serbia (Serbian: Krovna organizacija mladih Srbije, KOMS) is the highest independent representative body of youth in Serbia. It was established in 2011, developed from the Coalition of Youth of Serbia. KOMS is a federation of civil society organisations which currently has 108 member organizations (both youth-led and for youth) from the Republic of Serbia.

She started her career on Radio Belgrade 1, where she spent more than six years as a journalist. Parallel with that, she studied journalism and media production. She worked for three years at regional NGO Youth Initiative for Human Rights before she came to VICE where she works as Marketing Manager. She also has experience in creating and producing digital campaigns for agency clients.

Mina Radončić


Member of: Union of Secondary School Students of Serbia (UNSS

Keywords: activism, youth empowerment, photography, human rights, diversity

Mina is an 18-year-old student of International Relations at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade. She is a linguist, bookworm, musician when necessary. One of the main reasons she decided to become a youth activist three years ago was the possibility of her voice being heard and making changes happen.

Mina loves stepping out of her comfort zone and meeting different cultures, which comes together with her great passion for photography and travelling. Her interests are also what decided on her role on the website, which will mainly be focused on creating photo and video stories.

Minja Mardjonovic


Member of: Center for Social Balance /CESBA

Keywords: blog, analysis, publication, gender equality

Minja Mardjonovic is an online feminist activist, columnist, freelance writer and CSO activist. She graduated in Politicology (Faculty of Political Sciences) and received a master’s degree in Gender Studies. She is writing for several women’s web portals, on any subject that is completely consistent with a feminist perspective. Generally, her columns are engaged in the analysis of relation (ships) between women and men, women’s position in patriarchal society (especially in the Southeast Europe and the Balkans region) what involve writing and, in that way, educating women about violence against women, women’s rights and non-discrimination, their potentials and possibilities, about sexism, patriarchy, marriage, tolerance, free love, etc.

She believes that direct communication with a great spectrum of different young women through online activist platforms has a big potential for truly changes.


Andjela Savic


Keywords: love, travel, culture, activism

Branislav Trudic


Gent Imeraj


Member of: Albanian Alps Alliance

Keywords: Liberality, Resolution, Reconciliation, Co-living, Shared-values, Progress

When I was a child, I saw a dream: “Hereby, I dub you, Sir Gent, Knight of the round table! Henceforth, you must adhere to the Code of Chivalry. The virtues and ideals that you have to exhibit and protect shall be: Faith, Charity, Justice, Sagacity, Prudence, Temperance, Resolution, Truth, Liberality, Diligence, Hope and Valor. Live with these virtues, fight for these ideals!”

From that day on, I have worked hard to make possible for my character to resemble these features. And today, I am proud to announce that my mission is accomplished. Now, I am truly “a knight”.

Kreshnik Loka


Milena Beran


Mladen Milutinović


Member of: Association for Development of Children and Youth

Keywords: connectivity, migrations/mobility, multiculturalism

Lucky enough to engage himself in civil society action since early 2000s, he had an opportunity to influence his personal development through volunteering work and activism, that enabled him both to travel, meet diverse cultures, people and communities and give his small contribution for the society in general. Due to his early interest in geography, development and socioeconomic change caused by migrations and mobility, decided to finish Demography studies.

Currently engaged in organization devoted to strengthening of youth and their social skills for active and responsible participation in the society, while promoting tolerance, equality and diversity, values that he finds important himself. Passionate for music, film and nature, hopping to live in the world where the physical and social differences are not

Monika Marić


Keywords: open-minded, responsible, positive, hardworking, sports, photography

Somebody once said that if every nation knew 100 words of the language of its neighbors, there wouldn’t be centuries of conflicts, hatred and intolerance. “As a philologist and speaker of the language of our neighbors, I want to contribute to a better relationship between the two countries in the future.”
Monika graduated from Albanian language, literature and culture at the Faculty of Philology and currently is on her master program “Cultures in dialogue” on the same faculty. In the meantime, she started working as a translator in Serbian Embassy in Albania and also translates as a freelancer. During her studies she was active in Student parliament, in Democratic Party, participated on a numerous seminars in the field of culture and politics. Also, she volunteered as a translator on the first humanitarian Red info Portal, which is the first electronic media devoted to the promotion of humanity and a positive view of the world. She is fascinated by books, photography and the beauty of the nature. Musically educated and loves classical music. A former gymnast and pole vaulter. 

Stela Plaku


Member of: Together in community for social development

Keywords: Creative, Cooperative, Not in time, Multitasking skills, Traveller, Sciencelover

Stela Plaku has been a volunteer since 7th grade, starting her journey with Red Cross Albania, today she is part of at least 4 NGOs. Her great passion has always been designing and implementing projects. The last two years, she has committed to contribute in Balkans youth cooperation. She fulfilled her first goal by creating ‘Humans of Balkans’, an initiative the first of its own in the region. ‘Humans of Albania and Serbia’ was the continuation of the first dream, so she found it as the best possibility to start creating real bridges between two countries.

Observing the situations from the others angles’ is not always the best guide, begin establishing the right perspective of yours!