The Slave of Her Own Body

The Slave of Her Own Body

After waxing your lip hair, plucking your eyebrows, and just coming forward with the thought that you’re “ready”, you realize that your legs are hairy, as well as your arms. On the way to waxing you take in that a manicure is waiting for you, too. Just when you polished your nails and fixed your cuticles, like a naive and happy child because you’re positive of the fact that you answered on all ten god’s commandments, you become conscious that you really need a pedicure. However, that’s not enough.

Summer is coming, You have to destroy the cellulite because you must try to be like Beyoncé again this year. Beyoncé doesn’t have cellulite. Then you sit down, you start to cry and, a few moments later, you realize that maybe it’s time to go to an anti-cellulite massage. If you don’t agree with exposing your own skin to the sunlight, these massages often become ineffective, because you must be tanned on the beach AND after summer, too. Regardless of the fact that in some countries tanning beds are prohibited, in those that aren’t chocolate skin can be purchased for two days and ten dollars. This is a classic morbid imperative of modern aesthetics.

When you expose your skin to cancer, thinking you’re hot, you turn around and see that autumn is here. Autumn as autumn, readier than ever, and it’s waiting for you and for all your weakness. Now, it insists on its own imperatives and meaningless requirements. The history repeats itself.  You’re crying again, you’re imagining yourself in Hollywood, you’re polishing your nails, cutting your hair, waxing your body, you’re sad, you’re suffering like a dog…

Oh, can you feel how everything is so wasted when you’re dissatisfied, unhappy and empty?

Oh my Goddess, stop crying! Winter is coming. Like all winters, this one also is full of stress and aesthetic standards. While you’re, like all bodies, eating Russian salad , meat and a million types of cakes, winter wants beauty and perfect, sexy, female bodies; Winter wants Rihanna and Beyoncé in the snow. It continues to give us proposals for New Year’s styling, telling us on the that we have to look, for that special night on December 31st, like Gisele. The history repeats itself, again. Again tears, hysteria, pulling your hair, lamentation, whining…

The propaganda of a tanned, pumped and expensive female body, as the priority of the female life and their social position, is actually a product of pop culture and its (non-) emancipatory potential that patriarchy constantly maintained and supported. In what way? Patriarchy has the need for Women-as-bodies. The bodies without spirits, capacities and opportunities for active participation in all spheres of human life. It feels that today, the socially constructed  reality of  many Women is just to be beautiful, famous, handsome, rich and young forever. These are meaningless, impossible and cruel postulates of the global patriarchal community. We must resist these standards and requirements of slavery, because our life shouldn’t depend on the male eye, nor male wallet.

Nooooo! Spring is coming! Damn same like summer, winter and fall. What can you do, dear Woman? We all need seasons, we all need sun and snow, but we all need spiritual and mental relaxation, precious books, long walks and open hearted laughing, too. You don’t have to be Gisele or Beyoncé. You don’t have to be anybody else, except for what you are and who you are. First of all, you need to be happy with yourself. You have to fight for your own freedom:

Don’t be a slave of your own body!

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