How we decided to develop new young community leaders in rural areas

How we decided to develop new young community leaders in rural areas

After the first meeting of a group of over 20 people from Serbia and Albania, where we learned a lot of new things, shared experiences and got to know, later, very good friends from a neighboring country, it was time to do something together in our own projects. We’ve created a crew with people from both Serbia and Albania and decided to work with youth, from rural areas, who live in the northern regions of both countries.

The first time we took part in a training between Albanian and Serbian youth, was in summer 2017. We participated in the youth program “My village, our network” supported by the OSCE mission to Serbia and OSCE presence in Albania. It was a new and exciting experience for us. We have learned lots of new things about social networks, made some new friends from Albania, and participated in a video conference with our friends from Serbia.

Young people have to be the drivers of change in rural areas!

It was a virtual bridge to connect two places, our places, to discuss about problems and ways to develop a connection between us. Tourism is one of the greatest opportunities, not only for the Albanian economy in general, but also for building the connection between the two countries. Here in Albania, there are so many natural beauties that are being used, but are, unfortunately, underdeveloped.

That was the initial spark that made us decide to help our peers to learn new things, so they may become the new drivers of change in their communities.


The same goes for natural beauties in Serbia. Beautiful coastline at both the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea in Albania is much more affordable than Montenegro or Greece, where many Serbian people go. Also, for those from Albania who enjoy skiing, going to Kopaonik in Serbia to enjoy its beautiful nature would be a perfect choice.

Being a good person is and will always be about the people and the way they connect with each other. So we believe that we can do great things together, make this world look peaceful and create our own network.

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