Creator of Kismet: Impressive journey with brilliant women who inspired me in a million ways

Creator of Kismet: Impressive journey with brilliant women who inspired me in a million ways

After just couple of months of both premieres (and more than ten screenings in both countries), it’s a little bit difficult to collect all Kismet impressions on one piece of paper. So many brilliant women who worked on this, so many memories, so many wonderful moments…

The Kismet wasn’t the goal. From the start, it seemed more like an instrument to achieve the golden goal: To address our mutual problems in spite of imposed differences and national tensions.

The crucial questions were: Who are we; Are we ready to listen, understand and accept the other while casting aside all stereotypes and prejudices?

Do you think that we really got some audio-visual answers to these questions with Kismet?

I think that Kismet made many changes in our professional lives. First of all, we have built a good team of women  who were ready to listen and love each other in spite of our own differences. That was the precondition for this project: To understand and accept the other without any personal or collective prehistory.

Making a projected film isn’t an easy work. You are constantly in the frames, usually you don’t have time, and there is just one serious duty: To achieve the golden goal by representing and sharing authentic stories of young Albanian and Serbian women with the rest of the world! I think that we did it. I believe that people could feel our sincere desire to make a better life for youth in both contexts.

During the shooting process and while producing the movie, we absolutely believed in Nada Kostic, the documentary producer. She made our Kismet dream become reality. When she sent me the first materials (interviews) of Kismet (without any word of narration, cosmetic moments, before the title of the film, etc.), I felt happiness because I knew how to catch the golden point.


When she told me: ”Minja, we are making the film now!”, I was a little bit scared because it was my first time filming, but after we have started I knew that we will not stop until we finish this serious and exciting adventure. Step by step, we found everything that we were looking for. In fact, everything has come into its own. 

Before I wrote a narrative part, I knew that Ana Sekulic will be the one who will lead the story of the Kismet. Not only because of her excellent English knowledge, fantastic speaking skills or the fact that she is my friend from elementary school, but also because of her true support and faith in everything that Kismet represented. Indeed, Kismet could not have a better narrator.

After the premiere in Belgrade, a lot of people contacted me with a comment: “I love Kismet music! Link me to this song!”


Sanja Tisma, a talented musician from Serbia, donated her song ”Pa šta, orao” (“So what, eagle”) as her honest gift to Kismet story. It was a pleasure. The song was incredible. Sanja is a wonderful artist. She is writing songs, singing and playing them… Oh, so many talents in one woman. Thank you, Sanja so much! Kismet loves You! 🙂

Beside the music cover, it was not possible to separate this documentary from its visual identity. I’m so grateful to Ana Tesovic, a great graphic designer from Belgrade, who gave to us wonderful gift: realistic and artistic poster which absolutely symbolizes and represents the visual answer on the main Kismet question: “How similar are we in our differences?

*** Kismet: Koliko smo isti u našim različitostima? (interview in Serbian)… So many brilliant women

Kismet is just a first step in the process of audio/visual detecting the gender fate of the Albanian and Serbian women. We need to raise our voices, unveil our faces and share with the others our authentic stories and experiences. The film is just one of the many audio-visual ways to reach out to the community with social and political issues. It depends on us to choose the way.

However, in the end, the most important thing is to be efficient.

From my point of view, Kismet was an impressive journey with brilliant women who inspired me in a million ways. I am very proud of all the women who helped in this project with an open heart and a clear mind. I had an idea, but my lovely women helped me realize it.

*** Minja Marđonović won #BeFem award for the socially engaged film!

It was my honor to be the part of the Kismet team. I learned who I am, where and why was I making mistakes, and what is my Kismet. I will definitely never stop believing that women can really do whatever they set their minds on!

With love,


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