Only a few days left before the first Human Rights Youth Forum begins in Tirana, Albania! This event, organized by CSO World Youth Wave from Belgrade, will start on August 13th and we could not be more excited about it! Around 40 participants from Serbia and Albania have been chosen carefully and are currently preparing for their workshops in Tirana.

We shall discuss human rights in both countries from various perspectives: formal education, gender identity, minorities and freedom of speech. Our workshop facilitators are experts in these fields and will help participants produce concrete recommendations about how human rights protection can be enhanced in both countries and how young people can contribute to it by becoming multipliers in local communities. Bane, Ira, Olsi and Ivana, the facilitators are already eagerly awaiting our participants to sit down and work hard, as the recommendations will be forwarded to relevant actors and institutions in Serbia and Albania to voice young people’s needs and suggestions.

Apart from this, #HRYF17 has its volunteers who shall help the organizers that everything runs smoothly and that participants feel welcomed whilst in Tirana. They shall also cover the whole #HRYF17 with pictures and movies, so as everyone can keep up with the latest news directly from Tirana.

If you’d like to know more, be sure to follow the hashtag #HRYF17 starting NOW and also keep yourself updated via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts of Humans of Albania and Serbia.

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