Youth from Albania and Serbia: how close or distant are we?

Youth from Albania and Serbia: how close or distant are we?

Project “Imaginary distance” has officially started by launching of the Social distance survey in Albania and Serbia in mid-July 2017.

In this project phase, our aim is to measure the level of Social distance between young Albanians and Serbians living in both countries.

For measuring of the Social distance, we are conducting two parallel online surveys in both Albania and Serbia, by using of modified Bogardus scale with seven different social relations.

Social relations in the survey are showed in the form of statements and are aligned from one with the lowest distance (i.e. one with the highest level of closeness), to the one with highest degree of distance (i.e. one with the lowest closeness).

By marking one of offered answers (YES / NEUTRAL / NO) for each statement, you will show us which relation you are willing to accept with people of Albanian, or Serbian nationality.

Survey results will show us the overall level of distance for each country, but will also allow us to compare the level of distance between two countries and to compare the level of distance depending of gender, age, education, place of residence, occupation.

All the findings from the Survey will be used for development of recommendations for enhancing of connectivity and lowering the level of distance between youth of two countries, which will lead to more tolerance and co-operation in the future.

Survey in Albanian language (for youth in Albania aged 15 – 30) can be filled by clicking on the following LINK

Survey in Serbian language (for youth in Serbia aged 15 – 30) can be filled by clicking on the following LINK

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