Connectivity of youth is the only way to make social distance disappear

Connectivity of youth is the only way to make social distance disappear

More than 20 representatives of organizations working with and for youth from Albania and Serbia took part at the Regional Youth Forum “From distance to connectivity among youth from Serbia and Albania”, in Niš, Serbia, on October 30th 2017.

Regional Youth Forum was focused at the social distance issue between Albanian and Serbian youth and was organized with aim to discuss the role of youth actors in connectivity process and to collect ideas and recommendations for development of future regional actions aimed at enhancing of connectivity and cooperation of youth from two countries.

The message shared from the Regional Youth Forum is that young people have the power to make positive change and the only way for that is through opened dialogue and cooperation within joint actions and initiatives in the future.

As part of introduction to the main discussion all gathered had a chance to hear more about the results of online research on Social distance between Serbian and Albanian youth, but also to watch short documentary movie “KISMET” and in that way get insight about the willingness of Albanian and Serbian youth to accept the social relations with each other and find more about the lives of young Albanian and Serbian women living in specific cultural context of two countries.  

In the framework of the Regional Youth Forum, participants also had an opportunity to get acquainted with work of Regional Youth Cooperation Office – RYCO and their open call for project proposals and funding of regional initiatives.

Information and data from research you can expect very soon.

Why Regional Youth Forum?

The Regional Youth Forum was organized within the project “Imaginary Distance”, implemented by the Association for Development of Children and Youth – OPEN CLUB from Niš, Serbia in cooperation with Together in Community for Development Society from Durres, Albania, within the platform Humans of Albania and Serbia (

It is supported by the OSCE Mission to Serbia in partnership with the OSCE Presence in Albania, Serbian Ministry of Youth and Sports, Albanian Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Albanian National Youth Service and National Youth Council of Serbia, in the framework of the project “Enhancing regional connectivity among Serbia and Albania youth actors”. Project is financially supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.

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