How our Albanian-Serbian online language school went public

How our Albanian-Serbian online language school went public

While we were working on the creation of this platform, our team of more than 20 young people from Albania and Serbia has also produced so many attractive materials within four very interesting projects. But we didn’t stay in these frames only, so we were always creating new interesting content. Our online language school is just one of those, which was accepted great, we got a lot of positive comments, and at the end, an initiative was able to even reach the media.

At first, very well known journalist, Idro Seferi made a video for ABC news Albania, showing how learning Albanian language in Serbia has become a trend and how Serbian student of Albanology Milena Beran has received thousands of clicks on the internet in her videos showing how the Albanian language is taught.


At the same time, our story was also published on, one of the media from Kosovo. But, Milena’s “TV work” wasn’t done there…

Milena was a guest at The Balkan Forum (an Annual meeting which gathers diverse stakeholders and leaders from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, FYR Macedonia, Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro, and Serbia), where she talked about her first meeting with Albanian language, why she studies it and how & why we’ve created our online language school. The whole talk you can see HERE.

While waiting for the rest, we would like to thank Milena BeranYouth Initiative for Human RightsBelgrade Youth Office and Nest, and to Jasmina Lazović and Vjosa Rexhepi, who helped us to make our dialogue a little bit easier.

New lesson coming soon. Stay tuned…

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