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Regional Youth Center Korca, as a structure of the National Service for Youth, functions based on the National Youth Action Plan, in the 6 objectives set:
➢ Encouraging and participation of young people in democratic decision-making processes constitutes the first strategic objective and aims not only to create adequate infrastructure for the support of young people, youth centers, but also to strengthen the structures and capacities of youth organizations and groups.
➢ Encouragement of youth employment through effective labor market policies, improvement of the legal framework, support for start-up programs for the expansion of vocational training courses offered by vocational training schools and the creation of incentives that stimulate innovative ideas.
➢ Health, Sport and M & E, the goal of this objective strategy is to preserve and protect the health of young people through integrated health policies, coupled with massive sports culture.
➢ Youth Education, this objective will aim at improving curricula related to life skills, improving and strengthening the chain of education system.
➢ Social Protection, the activities envisaged aim to strengthen the linkages of this system, starting with capacity building and community interaction.
➢ Culture and volunteering, the purpose of this objective is to improve the opportunities for young people to organize free time in activities and activities of different fields.

The aim of the Korca Youth Center is to implement, through various activities of all the objectives set, including the youth of the Korça region. Youth centers should be seen as the right space to support the youth in every idea and project they offer as well as improving the quality of life of young people and strengthening their status, developing as many opportunities for education, employment, health, culture as possible and increasing the participation of young people in society and decision-making.
Korca Youth Center, welcomes the activities of the proposed institutions; organizations; association, etc., after having been aware of the type of activity, the relevant agenda and the approval of NES.