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Everything starts from scratch and from an intense desire to change a community that since 90's has been a place where psychological violence never stops and communizm never ends, in every aspect of their lives. Every possible little change that could be done, would be done as a result of a man's job and the women would just stand in the shadow. This was what established the Youth of Ura and the strong desire to do good in this kind of place. So, the only road was the investion in youth education, and that's what I did. The first activity that was made together with the youth, community and education staff has been in the year of 2010 with a project that featured students, that was self-made, no investions, that was titled: ''Stop alcohol and drugs''
Descriptive photos, the impact that was made in that place was so huge that it was requested that we should repeat that activity, kind of like when you love a song so much that when your favorite singer sings it so beautifully, you ask her to sing it again; you just can't get enough.
After many similar activities, later, a step forward was taken in the small city of Ura Vajgurore, Muhamer Janina Highschool.

In Muhamer Janina highschool, a new era came. We created virtual groups on facebook, where we would share our problems and worries that had a lot to do with the everyday life and the main problems were; the stone quarries. Quarries literally took over people's life, health, happiness, soul. But, what's funny is that those quarries were very well connected to economic and politic interests. But we decided that with the group we would create the THINK GREEN group that it's main objective was to sensitize citizens with those problems, the quarries. We demonstrated that in front of a school with recycled objects and also the typical citizen that showed how worse we would be after many years. We shared leaflets in the city of Berat and interviewed different people, also we wrote an article in Beratinews website. All this project, was realized due to our desires and passion to bring change in this community.

In 2015 in collaboration with DAR BERAT, we were able to create a radio on the internet where the youth could express their talents in journalism and to make something different during their free time. Since three years ago, I have served as a volunteer in the managment of the radio.

   Since 2016 we are part of "Qytetar Aktiv" forum. This is part of Open Society Foundation.

2017 is the year that we were able to create correctly, and with the help of IDM, we have made different training that included topics such as: Local Government,advocacy and IDM has also improved the chance to be a partner in an organization in Albania where we could develop our project, idea, aspiration, ideology.

We were driven by our pure desire to see the place improve and really make a better place for communities to live. We have also learned an important lesson; that when soul power join together and converts ideas into human aspirations. This is an unstoppable force, storm that will not be stopped for years to come, because it's the force of the good will! We are more than 60 students and 200 parents and community

The goals of our NGO

 Promoting moral and civic values ​​for all communities
 Empowering Civil Society and Community Based Groups by
enabling coordination between them and citizen participation in
public life.
 Encouraging and supporting co-ordination and exchange
information between civil society organizations and citizens.
 Supporting Good Governance by enabling and sustaining
communication and cooperation between the organizations of the society
civilians, citizens and local government units.
 Promoting best governance practices for growth
transparency, effectiveness and accountability.  Promoting a Clean Environment and Economic Development sustainable rural and urban.  Supporting new forms of agriculture, traditional, metropolitan and urban/rurals  areas  and the promotion of tourist values.  Support to the new generation in the field of vocational education and training.

We are looking for partners in purpose to cooperate in activities and applying for projects. Every NGO can contact us in every moment. We are local but we think Global.