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Student Economic Forum is founded three years ago as a volunteer student’s concept and organization, with the passion and desire of a group of students that study in Economic & Agribusiness Faculty of Agricultural University of Tirana with the support of rectorProf. Dr. Bari Musabelliu.

From 11th of February 2015 according of Albanian legislation in force, law Nr.8788,date 03.05.2001 “For non-for-profit organizations” and law Nr. 8799,date 07.05.2001 “For non-for –profit organization registration”,SEF operates as a non-profit organization with injunction number 4092 from the first instance court and implements its activities in a full collaboration with Agricultural University of Tirana.

SEF is created for these reasons:

• Promotion of economic and politic ideas of students by putting in front of an open debate with other students, lecturers and public figures well known in economic, business and politic.

• Representing students’ voice and protecting their interests.

• Creating a group of students in good collaboration.

• Organizing meetings, seminar, conferences, workshops and different trainings in Albania and abroad.

• Promoting economic ideas, exchanging their knowledge and collaboration between students.

• Newly information for students regarding to recent economic events and recent science publications.

• Keeping students in touch with the changes related to economic legal framework and knowing them with the most important personalities of world economy and politic.

• Creating partnerships between SEF and other homolog forums in and out Albania so exchanging experiences and knowledge.

• Volunteering as vanguard of employment in the future.

• Collaborating with different organizations, government institutions, supportive foundation, universities in Albania state and private one, public figures so increasing the level of knowledge and performance of students.

• Development of a range of ideas and initiatives, polls and surveys, studies and research from students supported by academic staff.

• Representation of “ Student Economic Forum“ in many student activities at various economic, politics and academic topics and taking place at national and international level.

• Creation of "Student Volunteer" as part of SEF, which will work and is organized by volunteer students by agreement. In focus will be: farmers who need advisory service, agribusiness and various businesses. They will organize meetings with farmers and other stakeholders of the business.

• To encourage the integration of students within and outside the university structures.

• To increase student Interest to economic events

• To carry out meetings with prominent personalities of politics and business economy.

• Publish a monthly magazine about our activities.