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Pro bono Association, Belgrade - '' '', is an association of lawyers and legal experts that was established in early 2010 with the primary aim of providing free legal assistance to financially disadvantaged citizens of the Republic of Serbia, through the Internet. Our approach aims to provide equal legal and legal protection to all citizens of Serbia including in the diaspora, regardless of their financial situation and to greatly facilitate access to all the information related to the legal system of the Republic of Serbia, which is guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia. Thus we try to contribute to the rule of law and legal security in our country. Our task is not intended to replace in this regard engagement of experts - lawyers, in solving concrete problems of our citizens, but to focus and point to ways that they can protect or inform themselves of their right. The portal '' Pro Bono” provides basic legal information about the rights and duties of citizens, and, if necessary, that their right to protection of written submissions, representation before courts and other state bodies, citizens are advised to hire for it professionals - lawyers. In cases that do not require the involvement of a lawyer, we strive to provide adequate answers to the citizens which they refer to the complete way of the realization and protection of their rights. We follow the initiative taken by citizen asking question and demanding information of legal nature. In addition, the portal publishes texts by experts for citizen on issues of public interest.

We are interested in getting involved in new projects and initiating new cooperation with other members of HoAS community.