Organization of creative grouping (OOCG)





Participation & activism

Art & culture


Gender equality

Human rights

Connectivity and communication


Zoran Zlatkovic, executive director ( youth worker and trainer)


Organization's main mission is development of a society consisting of equal and diverse citizens among whom there is trust, support and respect of human rights.
We believe that arts and culture belong to everyone and that they represent a universal language which brings people together, a force that acts towards changing the world and for the benefit of all.
The objectives of the Association are: promoting and enhancing education, culture and art, contemporary performing shapes and internet culture, while preserving the cultural and spiritual values, protection of human and minority rights, peace and civic initiatives, humanitarian work, international cooperation, environmental protection.
The basis of the previously set goal will be gathering and cooperation of young people, artists and experts from various fields that will be achieved through multidisciplinary research, artistic and educational work and professional training. 

Organization is accredited by National youth workers association of Serbia, stuff/persons are engaged in Council of Europe Pool of trainers, experts group for Commissioner for equality in Serbia and various national and international experts teams related to non formal education, youth work, drama pedagogy, human rights and peace initiatives. 

The most significant achievements: OOCG is actively involved in the work of international associations with similar orientation and activities since its foundation. Member of the European off theater Network (EON), which consists of a network of over a thousand non-institutional theater groups in Europe and the world. OOCG is a member of Y-PEER Serbia, the network that brings together organizations that promote peer education as a methodology for changing attitudes and behavior of youth. OOCG is one of the founders of NAPOR (National Association of Practitioners in youth work). Member of the Serbian Youth Umbrella Organization (KOMS) and Serbian Network for child protection (Mreža za decu).

Youth and other civil society organizations, non formal groups and institutions to develop cooperation and strategic partnership in the filed of youth work, non formal education, art and culture.