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Mr. Olsi Duzha
Mob. +355 (0) 692816534

EYA is a non-profit and non-governmental organization that works on youth initiatives development and realization of innovative projects. Main purpose of the association is to represent and protect the rights and interests of young people, regardless of ethnicity, political beliefs, religion, race, and gender. EYA promotes youth leadership and entrepreneurship, social engagement, and NFE activities for youth. It seeks to improve the quality of life and upgrade the standard of living of youth through work opportunities and by enhancing community educational programs. The association takes initiatives for educational purposes, training, and awareness of young people, to cultural issues, political, economic, social, environmental, sports, which are in aid of youth emancipation and societal progress. EYA conducts workshops on Youth Participation and organizes Active Citizenship promotion activities for the young people in our community. Our board members are youth policy practitioners who’ve been engaged in the civic sector for almost a decade. EYA promotes political involvement in strengthening the legitimacy of local government institutions and the democratic accountability of political players. It strives to make the actions of local government entities in the areas that EYA works more transparent. Our work and outcomes are documented and can be found online.
Youth Congress 2013; - Conference for digital media advertising and new trends in Albania; - Workshop - Young and Media, how much space we have there; - Workshop - Students and Youth in Albania Job Market; - Tourism in Albania, the current situation and challenges to capture regional and European standards.

EYA members work with government employees and non-profit professionals to explore areas of cooperation through funding, in-kind donations or sharing ideas and resources.
By providing adequate support to civil society, EYA encourages active participation of NGOs and civil society in the decision-making process and defines its vision in the development of the region, based on an open and transparent process, which promotes the broad inclusion of civil society, local government, the academic world, Albania’s political spectrum and other groups of interest. The establishment of a well represented committee induces a good partnership between government and civil society.
Moreover, EYA offers consultancy on Erasmus+ projects, and seeks for partnerships at all relevant levels, for training and capacity building projects, and other initiatives targeting youth.


  1. Empowerment of civil society actors in youth field;
  2. Development, mobilization and empowerment of youth;
  3. Good governance and civic engagement;

Tools to address the critical issues:

  1. Training/coaching;
  2. Advocacy/lobbying/IEC (Information/ Education/ Communication);
  3. Coordination and networking;