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Danilo Grbović
Vice president

"NEOS" is a civil society organization based in Belgrade, capital of Sebia. NEOS was officially founded in 2014 with a mission to promote good examples of youth participation & activism, connectivity between youth in Balkan region, but also in Europe through projects, educational seminars, conferences and internships. Accordingly, NEOS' project activities had to do with the training of young people and providing better opportunities for travel, retraining, scholarships, visits to numerous educational events and events in the field of culture. For this reason, our largest project is one of the most visited websites for young people in the region - that provides young people all of the above.
Besides the site for youth, we have done a project of inclusion of marginalized groups, children and families with disabilities through social and outside games, called „Healthy habits for a healthy mind“, with the support of the Youth Office of Belgrade. In addition, we participate in and support for creating mobile application for cultural events - FilterApp.
Behind NEOS there are more than 5 implemented projects, and NEOS was a leading partner in all of them.
During the preparation and realization of projects we have established good cooperation with local authorities, civil society organizations, media, youth media, cultural and sports venues and institutions etc.

CSO NEOS decision to join the HoAS initiative reflects its general commitment and aim to connect youth in region, and especially to promote positive stories of all kinds. We are into peace-building and youth cooperation in the Western Balkans region, so we are always looking for opportunities to get engaged at initiatives aimed at achieving the same goals and also to get connected with organizations and proactive youth leaders who want to make some nice changes, and want to be included in cooperation such as HoAS community.