Civil Society Organisation “Together Together”

Udruženje građana “Zajedno zajedno”





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Gender equality

Human rights


Ljiljana Tekić Gavrilov;;
+381 64 3743461

Together Together with its distinctive grassroots modus operandi directly and implicitly strengthens socially vulnerable groups and individuals in order to develop their potentials and actively influence the improvement of the quality of their own life, life in the community they live in, and society as a whole.

“Together Together” (TT) is dedicated to the solution of problems in local community and the improvement of its citizens’ life opening new themes and treating them by innovative methods of civil services, education, psychosocial support, public actions and other activities aimed at the empowerment of individuals and groups. “Together Together” is an organization that operates in the field of providing support and protection to the socially vulnerable groups through the approach based on respect for human rights. Particular attention in our programs is given to women, Roma population, children and elderly.
TT’s commitment to recognize women as rights holders and advance the rights of women and gender equality is represented in its up-to-date activities, projects that include: researching ESR in public enterprises, gender budgeting in local municipality and action planning for economic empowerment of women

For the past ten years of continuous work through more than 30 diverse, mobilizing, educational and psycho-social programs TT has directly empowered and supported over 800 hundred members of the socially vulnerable groups, but what is p1erhaps more important – our projects implicated that over 6.000 indirect beneficiaries of different gender, various age, ethnicity and socio-economic status were involved in practicing their rights and more proactive approach towards problems within their local communities.

We are always open for cooperation with organizations and individuals dealing socially vulnerable groups, especially when it comes to women\'s rights, regardless of racial ethnic religious or sexual orientation