Center for Democratic Development “Europolis”

Centar za razvoj demokratskog društva “Europolis”





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Dane Pribić
Executive Director

Center for democratic development \"Europolis\" is a civil society organization based in Novi Sad, which is the capital of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. Europolis was officially founded in 2014 with a mission to promote democracy-building, public administration reform and good governance in the framework of the process of European integration. Accordingly, Europolis\' project activities have thus far mostly dealt with fight against corruption and promotion of transparency and accountability of the local and provincial governing institutions, especially with regards to public finance, as well as with building their capacities. A significant part of our activities also dealt with the regional youth cooperation and dialog in post-conflict communities and local youth advocacy initiatives. We are committed to improving inter-ethnic and inter-religious understanding and dialogue in Vojvodina and Serbia, as well as to promoting conflict resolution and peace-building in the Western Balkan region.

Behind Europolis there are more than 10 implemented projects, out of which 4 Europolis was a lead partner. Most of the projects had a local character. Issues we were dealing with were: monitoring and evaluation of locally funded projects, transparency of public administration recruiting procedures, participation of youth in decision-making processes, gender analysis of the budget, monitoring of implementation of the local youth action plan etc. During the preparation and realization of projects we have established good cooperation with local authorities, civil society, media, independent regulatory bodies, etc. Our significant partners are Balkan Investigative Reporting Network BIRN Serbia and Citizens Initiatives.

CDD Europolis decision to join the HoAS initiative reflects its general commitment to promoting conflict resolution, peace-building and youth cooperation in the Western Balkans region. In that respect, we are looking for opportunities to get engaged at initiatives aimed at achieving the same goals. We hope to get acquainted to individuals, CSOs and other entities dedicated to fostering youth engagement in promoting peace-building. Moreover, we are interested in getting involved in new projects and initiating new cooperation with other members of HoAS community.