#HRYF17 – Workshop Facilitators

#HRYF17 – Workshop Facilitators

With #HRYF17 behind us, we would like to present the people who facilitated the first Human Rights Youth Forum and whose expertise helped our participants to come up with concrete conclusions of their workshops. We are very grateful for having these people who worked tirelessly and put all of their heart into their work.

First and foremost, Branislav Trudić, the facilitator of the workshop Freedom of Expression and Inter-religious Dialogue, is a certified Coordinator of programmes of youth work by the National Association of Youth Workers of Serbia (i.e. NAPOR), with almost 10 years of experience with civil society organizations. Bane enjoys working with different groups of people putting emphasis on developing and learning at the same time, expanding critical thinking and enhancing empathy and compassion for different vulnerable groups among youngsters. He is also a trainer in the Pool of Trainers of the National Youth Council of Serbia for areas such as inclusions, equality and youth policy. Apart from local and national projects, he has taken part in many Erasmus+ and projects supported by the European Youth Foundation that tackled many aspects of youth work and working with young people.

Workshop Sexual Orientation and Gender identity was facilitated by Ivana Markulić, the President of Youth Forum of European movement in Serbia. She is currently completing master studies of European Integration at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade. Having been involved in the NGO sector for almost 4 years as an activist she has taken part in numerous international seminars and conferences focusing on youth policy, reconciliation and regional cooperation in the Western Balkans, gender equality and peace buolding. She even took part in one of the first youth mobility projects between Albanians and Serbians youth actors thanks to projects such as the Young Women Peace Academy. Her motivation to take part in #HRYF17 arose thanks to the Young Women Peace Network Initiative that aims to connect and empower young women in Serbia regarding advocacy and decision making.

Last but not the least, Irena Topalli took over facilitation of the workshop Minorities Right to Education and Employment. As a youth worker and educational consultant based in Tirana, Albania, working on national and international level for almost 8 full years, Ira is presently a program manager at Beyond Barriers Association. Her broad experience includes involvment in dozens of projects tackling young people, communities, marginalized groups, diversity, social inclusion and human rights issues, which made her a perfect candidate for our facilitator position. She has coordianted EU project YOUSEE which dealt with employment of marginalized young people through social innovation and policy developments in Albania. Her commitment to youth work is supported by her engagement in Pool of Trainers of SALTO SEE and SEEYN, as well as the chair position of the Albanian No Hate Speech Movement.

We hope you saw the same relevance of these people as we did hen having chosen them for workshop facilitators. Stay tuned and keep an eye on the hashtag #HRYF17 as the results of the Human Rights Youth Forum and all the workshops are to be reveled very soon.

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