Serbs visiting Albania: Free drinks and new great friendships

Serbs visiting Albania: Free drinks and new great friendships

We visited Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Belgrade – regional human rights organization and used this chance to talk with their team members who had a chance to visit Albania in the last several years, and they gave us chance for a better understanding of story – Serbs visiting Albania.

They shared with us their first impressions, some stories and experiences but also reasons to visit Albania again! 🙂


Jovana Prusina visited Albanian coast with American University in Kosovo: “We visited one small town, where nothing happens in the evening, especially not on Tuesday. While we ere wondering around we ended up in front of the house where some kind of party was going on. It appears to be a wedding party and some guys invited us to come in. Although it was awkward for us, to enter someone’s house, we accepted the invitation. After some time someone brought the question of our home countries.


My foreigner friends were answering – they were from the States, Netherlands, but when my turn came I got petrified. I was in Albanian house, at someone’s wedding and now I have to say that I come from Serbia. So, I said it. They start talking to each other in Albanian and the next moment, with their poor English they said: Serbia, my friend! It happens to be one of the best parties in my life.”

“When it comes to Albania – we talk a lot about it, we have some opinion about it but we do not know anything about it. Honestly, I probably had some prejudices before my trip there, but I wasn’t afraid.” – Jovana Prusina said.

Sofija Todorović adds on it: “If you have at least a little bit of adventuristic spirit, or you are just being curious – Albania is a great place for you. Even if you are not that kind of person, you’ve got to love the sea!”

Ivan Đurić visited Tirana first time when Albania and Serbia played a football match. Although people who hosted them were a bit afraid because of the potential incidents, Ivan says he got only “free drinks and new great friendships” on that journey.

As a driver, Ivan Đurić told us about his impressions of the traffic in Tirana: “You know how everyone who visits Belgrade for the first time goes crazy over the traffic in Belgrade? Well, in Tirana it’s 10 times worse! 🙂 There are no rules, except the rule of stronger and faster.”

“I never had any bad experience when visiting Albania. If you want to go somewhere, you should just go, and nothing will stop you.”

Thank you guys for sharing these experiences with us!

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