My first time in Serbia… and two more

My first time in Serbia… and two more

My name is Erind Mustafaraj, I’m a 27 and a little bit years old boy from Elbasan, Albania. I would compare my travels to Serbia with a “Four Seasons” pizza. Yummy. After my first time in Serbia, I quickly collected two more “slices”, and now I’m waiting to complete my perfect meal. 

I have been in Serbia three times: Belgrade (summer 2015), Sremski Karlovci (winter 2015) and Mali Idjos (autumn 2016) and I’m so exciting to visit it again and to complete “my pizza” with the spring “ingredients”. The best part is that every time I visited it I have traveled in three different ways (plane, bus and train) and it has been amazing.


My first acquaintance with Serbia was in June 2015 when I was part of the LTO (long term observe) international training course organized from OSCE in Belgrade. I traveled by plane and it was so close and quick that my brother joked with me telling that I would be in Belgrade before he gets back home from work. Belgrade was amazing (first impact, because it is still amazing), it was a place where you can meet history, you can dance with different types of music, meet nice people that are curious for your origin and impressions, and taste so many different traditional foods and drinks.

In December 2015 I was part of the OSCE winter school on Intercultural Youth Dialogue in the Digital Era and my destination was in Vojvodina, north part of Serbia. Sremski Karlovci panorama was beyond imagination… A lovely small town with an astonishing architectural style with a dense fog cold day. I think that a costume of the 1800’s would fit perfectly fine those days. 🙂


Last but not least, train journey in September 2016 with Balkan express (from Skopje, FYR Macedonia) for second meeting of ‘Balkan lets get up’ training.

I couldn’t had a better way to travel to Serbia. I felt like the time was stuck and I was traveling back on time with this “time machine” in a country with different minorities community and traditions. This old fashion train was my time machine and I was lucky to catch it on time. I’m barely waiting to discover what the fourth experience in Serbia would bring for me. Why not even a “dessert’”… I think it would be great, but until then, let’s focus to find my ingredients for spring season.

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