This documentary is a women’s initiative.

The idea from the beginning was only to have women working on this film. Women would participate directly in the making of the film and together they will show how much we are all similar although we are different, how common our problems are, and how possible solutions are really lying in mutual understanding, accepting differences and combating against discrimination, violence, hate speech, inequality, sexism, chauvinism…


Because we believe that it’s time for minding the gender gap everywhere and every time. Including and implementing a gender perspective in addressing the problems in our societies is more than important. When you think about your public and private culture you will see how much the position of women in a society in the best way reflects the (un)willingness of it to move forward.

Stories about ten young and diverse women, stories about their lives, professions, challenges, desires, needs are good foundation for thinking of our similarities. It also indicates how important it is to work together on the improvement of the position of youth and women in both societies!

The necessity of understanding the experience and context of others is what a young Albanian/Serbian women’s team of the project Women of Albania and Serbia: We Can Do It! wants to address by making this documentary.

It is time to meet something new and strange, to listen and feel different experiences. It is time for love and peace.

It’s time for Albanian and Serbian young women!

About The Author

Minja Mardjonovic

Minja Mardjonovic is an online feminist activist, columnist, freelance writer and CSO activist. She graduated in Politicology (Faculty of Political Sciences) and received a master’s degree in Gender Studies. She is writing for several women’s web portals, on any subject that is completely consistent with a feminist perspective. Generally, her columns are engaged in the analysis of relation (ships) between women and men, women’s position in patriarchal society (especially in the Southeast Europe and the Balkans region) what involve writing and, in that way, educating women about violence against women, women’s rights and non-discrimination, their potentials and possibilities, about sexism, patriarchy, marriage, tolerance, free love, etc.

She believes that direct communication with a great spectrum of different young women through online activist platforms has a big potential for truly changes.

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