Albania and Serbia: Perceptions and Reality

Albania and Serbia: Perceptions and Reality

The aim of the paper is to contribute to the development and sustainability of relations between Albania and Serbia, by shedding light on current relations in the political, economic and cultural realms and potentials for future improvements. The initiative aims to overpass often wrong perceptions that impede normal political, economic and cultural relations between the two countries.

The paper is divided into five parts:

  1. historical background of relations between Albania and Serbia during the past twenty years;
  2. methodology adopted for the study;
  3. quantitative findings from media monitoring in both Albania and Serbia;
  4. qualitative findings retrieved from interviews both in Tirana and Belgrade;
  5. conclusions and recommendations that might serve to the future improvement of relations and, subsequently, perceptions on both sides.

Published by: Albanian Institute for International Studies in cooperation with the Belgrade Centre for Security Policy

Year: N/A

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