SERBIA // Action plan for the implementation of the National Youth Strategy 2015 – 2017

SERBIA // Action plan for the implementation of the National Youth Strategy 2015 – 2017

The Action Plan for the Implementation of the National Youth Strategy for the Period 2015-2025 (hereinafter: AP) defines in more detail the indicators for monitoring: the degree of implementation of activities, the period of implementation (required time for achieving the envisaged goals, results and activities), the level of implementation (national, provincial, local), key implementers and participants in the implementation process and defines the total funds required for implementation.

The AP should provide assistance to all bodies, organizations, institutions and individuals and all other stakeholders to implement the goals of the NYS. Therefore, the AP precisely determines the roles and responsibilities of the key implementers, as well as the institutional mechanisms that should enable achieving the desired results and achieving the overall strategic goals of the NYS.

Source: Ministry of Youth and Sports, Republic of Serbia

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