Albanian – Serbian 101: How to meet, greet & introduce yourself in another language

Albanian – Serbian 101: How to meet, greet & introduce yourself in another language

You’re rich as how many languages you speak“, everyone would say, so… Why not to learn some new language? Especially if it’s the language of your first neighbors

Knowing that learning a foreign language is totally worth the effort, we’ve created a small school for learning both, Albanian and Serbian. Being bilingual expands your opportunities in life, keeps your brain fit and broadens your perspective. It even gives you a special insight into your own mother tongue and the culture you take for granted. Every new word is a milestone on your journey to mastering another language.

…And, before we start our first language learning lessons of Albanian and Serbian, remember what  Federico Fellini once said: “A different language is a different vision of life“.

At first, we always need to know how to meet and greet new people


Good morning – Dobro jutro – Mirëmëngjes

Good afternoon – Dobar dan – Mirëdita

Good evening – Dobro veče – Mirëmbrëma

Hi/Bye – Pozdrav – Përshëndetje

After that, we need to learn how to introduce ourselves


Hi, my name is Milena. What’s your name?

Pozdrav, ja se zovem Milena, kako se ti zoveš?

Përshëndetje, unë quhem Milena, si quhesh ti?

And, for first meeting, it’s normal to ask people where are they from


Where are you from? I’m from Albania/Serbia

Nga je ti? Unë jam nga Shqiperia.

Odakle si ti? Ja sam iz Srbije.

This is just first part of our small Albanian – Serbian language school. While waiting for the rest, we would like to thank to Milena Beran, student of the Albanian language in Belgrade, who has created all of these lessons, Youth Initiative for Human RightsBelgrade Youth Office and Nest, and to Jasmina Lazović and Vjosa Rexhepi, who helped us to make our dialogue a little bit easier. 

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