Belgrade experience: lessons learned

My Belgrade experience starts with the first trip I ever took as an Albanian in the Balkans. Due to several historical reasons and transitional traits of the Albanian society, my...

How we decided to develop new young community leaders in rural areas

After the first meeting of a group of over 20 people from Serbia and Albania, learning a lot of new things, sharing experiences and getting to know with, later, good...

How we met? From Distance to Connectivity among youth from Serbia and Albania

On October 29th, at 9 am, we have started our journey for the Regional Youth Forum ”From Distance to Connectivity among youth from Serbia and Albania”, which would be held...

Albania – A colorful gem of the Balkans

The sea in Durrës smells more amazing than anything you can think of. It smells like salt and freedom. The sea in Durrës smells like love. In comparison to it,...

Creator of Kismet: Impressive journey with brilliant women who inspired me in million ways

After just couple of months of both premieres (and more than ten screenings in both countries), it's a little bit difficult to submit all Kismet impressions on one piece of...

My first time in Serbia… and two more

My name is Erind Mustafaraj, I'm a 27 and a little bit years old boy from Elbasan, Albania. I would compare my travels to Serbia with a "Four Seasons" pizza. Yummy....

2 days ago
Creator of Kismet: Impressive journey with brilliant women who inspired me in million ways - HoAS

Minja Mardjonovic about the award-winning film - KISMET and the powerful story behind it.

Minja Mardjonovic, brilliant women, and creator of Kismet talks about making of the movie, who are the girls who worked on it, difficulties, fears...

4 days ago
The Living Library Organiser's Guide - HoAS

Here you can download one very useful guide 😉

The Living Library methodology presented in this guide aims to create constructive personal dialogues between people who would normally not have the opportunity to speak to each other and thus ... See more

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Balkans, let’s get up! Forum: Balkan Drivers of Change

It is our pleasure to invite you to our first edition of " Balkans, let’s get up! Forum : Balkan...

#OSCEyouth: Regional Connectivity & Millennials – Conference on Youth Connectivity in the Western Balkans

The OSCE’s commitment to promote the role and the inclusion of youth in its peace and security agenda dates back...

CALL FOR ORGANISATIONS // REGIONAL YOUTH FORUM: From Distance to Connectivity among youth from Serbia and Albania

We invite representatives of youth organizations, youth associations and initiatives, organizations working with and for youth from Republic of Serbia...

Social distance among youth from Albania and Serbia: Research results

As the general idea of the Humans of Albania and Serbia platform is to enhance connectivity among Serbian and Albanian...


A group of 40 young individuals from Serbia and Albania have come up with a set of recommendations, combined into...

Volunteer Management Handbook

The Volunteer Management Handbook deals with motivation of volunteers, creating volunteer placement, promotion, recruitment, selection, mentoring, monitoring and evaluation, emotional...


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